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The Rev. Katie Long, DMin

The Rev. Katie Long, DMin

Editor-in-Chief, CSNSF Family Systems Forum


Conference review: “Commentary on Facts of Life 2003” Volume V, Number 1, p.10

“History Through a Family Lens” Volume VI, Number 2, p.4

Phillip Longman’s The Empty Cradle: How Falling Birthrates Threaten World Prosperity [and What to Do About It] reviewed in “Empy Cradle Has Implicaitons” Volume VI, Number 3, p.13

Roberta Gilbert’s The Eight Concepts of Bowen Theory reviewed, Volume VII, Number 1, p.12

Ronald W. Richardson’s Becoming a Healthier Pastor reviewed in “Relating Theory to Pastoral Healthy” Volume VII, Number 2, p.10

“Bowen Theory and Conflict Transformation in Northern Ireland” Volume VII, Number 3, p.8

“Are Married Couples in the Minority?” Volume VIII, Number 3, p.4

“Differentiation of Self and the Selection and Preparation of Protestant Clergy” Volume IX, Number 1, p.9

Roberta Gilbert’s Extraordinary Relationships reviewed in “Guiding
Clergy To Become ‘Extraordinary’ Leaders” Volume IX, Number 2, p.7

Interviews Robert Creech in “The Pastor as Leader” Volume IX, Number 2, p.8

“Pastoral Response to Death: Cutoff or Connection?” Volume IX, Number 4, p.3

Murray Bowen’s Commitment to Principles: The Letters of Murray Bowen, MD reviewed in Volume X, Number 2, p.7

Interviews Clarence Boyd, Volume X, Number 2, p.8

Robert Williamson’s Charting Self: A Beliefs Chart Curriculum for Adults reviewed in “Charting Self: An Opportunity to Track Beliefs and Relationships,” Volume X, Number 3, p.10

Interviews Dan V. Papero in “Consulting to Organizations from a Bowen Theory Perspective,” Volume XI, Number 4, p.3

Annette Gordon-Reed’s The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family reviewed in “The Hemingses of Monticello: Few Answers, Good Questions,” Volume XII, Number 1, p.12

Interviews Peter Steinke. Volume XIII, Number 3, p.7

“‘Coming of Age’ In Families and Society” Volume XIV, Number 1, p.3

“Threatened Religious Institutions: A Systems Perspective” Volume XV, Number 4, p.1

“An Interview with Louise Rauseo,” Volume XIV Number 1, p.7

“An Interview with Louise Rauseo, Part 2,” Volume XVI, Number 2, p.8

“Meeting David Wilson: A Window on Differentiation and Societal Process,” Volume XVI, Number 3, p.3