Societal Process Seminar Series - Center for the Study of Natural Systems and the Family Societal Process Seminar Series - Center for the Study of Natural Systems and the Family

Societal Process Seminar Series

Price: $500.00

Module 1- Brief review of Dr. Bowen’s thinking on Societal Process
Participants will use systems thinking to analyze Societal Process at the community, city and state, at national and international levels.

Module 2 – How do forces of togetherness and differentiation play out at the different levels of society? What influences these forces to increase or decrease?

Module 3- Man’s emotional functioning as part of nature, as a function of life forces from his phylogenetic past” and govern the subhuman part of man.

Module IV –How does one use this concept and systems thinking to modify the impact of societal process on the individual and the family?

Each seminar will include presentations by faculty and participants, along with discussion based on assigned reading in the Bowen theory, from the sciences or from faculty. Curriculum and assignments for each Module will be provided upon registration.

Four 2 and ½ hour seminars will be held on Saturdays: October 5, November 2 and December 7, 2019 and January 4, 2020. The exact time will be determined in regard to time zone differences for participants

Suggested Price: $500



Murray Bowen extended family systems theory in the 1970s to include the study of how societies impact and are affected by individual, family, and larger environmental forces. Population explosion, the disappearance of new lands to colonize, depletion of raw material necessary to sustain life, and a growing awareness that “spaceship earth” cannot support technology and our lifestyles are factors that Dr. Bowen identified as indicators of man’s disharmony with nature.

Those students of the Bowen theory who have a particular interest in Societal Emotional Process can use this series for further research, writing and presenting about the relationship between families, societies, and their sustaining environments.

This seminar will use the Bowen theory. Systems thinking, and Bowen’s theory-building method to better understand and better address social, political, and ecological challenges of increasing urgency in today’s world. Participants will examine such issues as depletion of the environment, responses to sustained anxiety, and the study of the human species adapting to its environment. Participants will be encouraged to select a focus that allows them to make use of the family diagram and family research in light of societal and environmental events in the history of their own family.


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