Letters to My Father CE Credits


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CSNSF is a 501, c-3, nonprofit organization established in Houston, Texas in 1998 to provide education, training, research, and community services based on Bowen family systems theory. This conference provides 5 credit hours of Category 1 Continuing Education for Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Licensed Professional Counseling.

  • Attendees of this conference will have a chance to consider questions like:
What does it mean to see oneself as part of family history?
  • What are the obstacles to conducting family research, within the family and without?
  • How does the past play out in the present?
  • Who are the “candle children” in the family?
  • In what ways is conducting family research part of the effort to increase one’s level of differentiation of self?


  • Describe three hurdles to conducting family research.
List three avenues for conducting family research.
  • Describe four benefits of conducting family research.
  • Describe the connections between family research and family strengths and resilience.


  • Pay the CEU Fee of $30 at the time of registration
  • Attend the entire conference. The Conference Coordinator will note attendance.
  • If attending via Zoom, enable video and show your name on the screen so you are visible throughout the conference, except during designated breaks or lunch.
  • Submit a completed evaluation no more than 60 days after the conference.
  • You will receive your certificate shortly after completing the evaluation.
  • It is the responsibility of the participant to verify their state professional licensure for CEU qualifications.