Center for the Study of Natural Systems and the Family (CSNSF), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was established in 1998 to provide educational programs, to conduct research, and to develop community services based upon Bowen theory, the study of family systems and the sciences at a price people can afford. This mission includes the integration of knowledge about the impact of relationships in the family and society in the fields of science, health care, religious service, social services, education, and business. CSNSF offers programs in person in Houston, Texas, and online throughout the country and world. 

Although The Bowen Center in Washington, DC remains the center for the development of leadership throughout the country, local programs provide resources for all levels of learning. A local program can serve to introduce a wide range of people to Bowen theory and its application through coaching and study. Seminars, conferences, and consultations provide resources for those who apply theory in their own fields. Connections between science and Bowen theory are forged through the ongoing exchange of ideas between students of Bowen theory and scientists in local institutions. A local program can be a resource for individuals in science and health care who want to develop a systems perspective for their research or practice. The same is true for education, business, and other professions in which individuals apply their study of family systems.

No local organization can fully develop its leadership without the faculty and programs at The Bowen Center. Those who develop leadership responsibilities in local programs rely upon The Bowen Center itself for ongoing study. Local programs and services provide an arena for those who are motivated to teach, work on research projects, and develop community services based upon their study of family systems.