Ann Jones, PhD, Nurse consultant

Develops and maintains Science and Natural Systems on the CSNSF website

Ann Jones, Ph. D. joins the CSNSF board in July, 2018 after serving as a faculty member for several years. Ann is excited to join the CSNSF board where she hopes to expand her understanding of Bowen Theory and write further about connections between Bowen Theory and recent scientific research findings.

Dr. Jones is a fourth-generation nurse and received her doctorate in nursing in 1993 from The Ohio State University. Her clinical background is in psychiatric and geriatric nursing. She attended the Special Post-Graduate Program at the Bowen Center for eleven years and then joined a research group there for several more years. Ann has a particular interest in science and has written a number of articles for Family Systems Forum on epigenetics, science and Bowen theory. Popular among these was an article on the intricate, underground communication between trees and another on how the solar system shapes the movement of stars and planets much like family emotional process shapes family behavior and physiology. She has also written an article and several book reviews for Family Systems, the journal published by the Bowen Center. Dr. Jones and Victoria Harrison developed, curated and taught several modules of a popular seminar series: “Science and Bowen Theory.”

Ann was part of the first board establishing the Murray Bowen Archives project (MBAP) and served five years as board secretary. Later she worked for three years with a team in Williamsburg sorting and cataloging thousands of letters, papers, documents and articles related to Dr. Bowen donated from the Bowen home. She is currently working with the TMBAP developing video clips from numerous video tapes of Dr. Bowen teaching Bowen Theory. These clips are posted on TMBAP website.


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