9 Monthly Seminars & Individual Coaching


clinical consultation


  1. Contact Lorna Hecht-Zablow, MFT, at to learn more about this program
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  3. Lorna Hecht-Zablow will contact you to confirm acceptance into the seminar
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CSNSF will offer 9 monthly 2-hour seminars online via Google Meet with individual coaching sessions for up to 6 Bowen theory students who want to develop expertise in clinical applications and their family work. The program is organized for participants to build sequentially on their knowledge and skills through thoughtful applications of Bowen theory in personal life, clinical work, work settings, and other social systems.  Participants will present clinical cases and family of origin work and be expected to use curated video and reading materials relating to the eight basic concepts in Bowen theory.


Lorna Hecht-Zablow, LMFT, designed this clinical consultation seminar and will serve as faculty, consultant, and coach. During the last 30 minutes of each session, she will curate and chair a discussion of recommended reading and videotapes.

Two participants will present each session, with a focus on Murray Bowen’s concepts for conceptualizing human functioning in the family and understanding and utilizing family diagrams using systems theory. Each person will have 45 minutes dedicated to presentation and discussion.

The presentation structure will be based on the supervision of the Bowen Center Postgraduate Program established by Dr. Bowen. One person will present to the seminar chair, Lorna Hecht-Zablow. Observers will direct comments or questions to the chair, who will turn them over to the presenter for comments and continued thinking.

Every presentation will be private and confidential. Registration indicates agreement that you will not discuss presentations outside the seminar. Please conceal the identity of the cases you present. Participants are responsible for obtaining signed releases if necessary.


The seminar series will also include monthly individual coaching with Ms. Hecht-Zablow, which will focus on ways that emotional reactivity in one’s own family shows up in clinical practice and on ways that work on differentiation of self in the family shows up in clients and client families. Each participant will be expected to set concrete goals and methods for working on the differentiation of self in the family of origin.


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Harrison, Victoria. (2018) The Family Diagram and Family Research: An Illustrated Guide to Tools for Working on Differentiation of Self.  Center for the Study of Natural Systems and the Family.

Exact assignments for each month will be made after registration.

WHEN: From 7 – 9 PM, CST, on the Third Thursday of each month.

Lorna Hecht-Zablow, MFT, is a family systems psychotherapist in private practice in San Diego, CA. She has also conducted workshops on the differences between individual and systems thinking by comparing John Bowlby’s attachment theory and the Bowen theory. She facilitates a monthly consultation group for laypeople and professionals motivated to apply the Bowen theory in their personal and professional work.   

Ms. Hecht serves on the Board and Faculty of CSNSF and has regularly contributed to the Family Systems Forum. She also creates a blog using her articles to illustrate concepts in Bowen theory by applying them to familiar situations from daily life. She draws upon a wide range of experiences in her own family, clinical practice, and the broader world to stimulate thinking through the family systems lens.


$2250 for nine monthly seminars and nine individual coaching sessions.

Please get in touch with Lorna Hecht-Zablow with questions about the program.

Please get in touch with Victoria Harrison to discuss scholarships or payment plans at