Why Bother with Bowen Theory - Center for the Study of Natural Systems and the Family Why Bother with Bowen Theory - Center for the Study of Natural Systems and the Family

Why Bowen Theory?

Many people ask that question. Below are others thoughts on the subject. We invite you to share yours.

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Elaine Castello

I understand how important it is to learn about one’s family and keep getting information from aunts, uncles and cousins. At some point, I hope to write a book about my family experiences and the impact that family history has made in my life

Martie Damon

Bowen family systems theory has changed my thinking about my relationships with family and coworkers. I don’t feel the need to try to solve everyone’s problems. I think they’re all grateful.

Ada Luisa Trillo

My work with Bowen theory has been very valuable in helping me through my personal life and helping me become and be the best person I can be. The lens that Bowen theory offers provides me with a reference point that helps cut through the trivial to the essential. It is a framework with which to discover and act on the guiding principles of my life. I live in a highly anxious environment and choose to share with people in this community the concepts and principles that I have found so helpful in my life as a way of giving back to my community

Ann Jones

I believe that Bowen Theory provides the principles necessary for man to think differently about himself and the world around him. It is important to me that Bowen Theory continues to be tested by clinicians, researchers and thinkers as well as clarified, discussed and refined by all who agree to take on the challenge. Centers like the CSNSF are important for their role in teaching, clarifying and testing theory.

A large part of my interest in the CSNSF has come out of what I perceive to be strong leadership within the organization. Dr. Bowen frequently challenged us to take responsible positions and to act on those positions. That action includes taking leadership positions within our families, our communities and in organizations. It has been my experience that the leadership demonstrated by the CSNSF comes out of a sustained effort to use thinking to guide actions, to establish long term goals and to work hard to attain those goals. Dr. Bowen believed that the theory should be given to the world. The Center embraces Dr. Bowen’s goal to give the theory to the world with its many programs, trainings, conferences, writings and efforts to meet the needs of the community. I am excited to be a part of this dynamic group of thinkers and doers.