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Bowen Theory and Science


  • Module 1: Science and Bowen Theory: A Science of Human Behavior – Oct, Nov & Dec 2015
  • Module 2: Bowen Theory and Darwin’s Theory of Evolution – Jan, Feb & Mar 2016
  • Module 3: Emotional Systems in Nature and the Family – Apr, May & Jun 2016
  • Module 4: Multigenerational Emotional Process and Epigenetics  – Sep, Oct & Nov 2016
  • Module 5: Differentiation of Self and the Brain – Jan, Feb & Mar 2017

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This seminar is designed to examine an array of facts about the natural world in light of Bowen theory. (351) Murray Bowen challenged students of Bowen Theory to read in the sciences and to read original source material written by scientists. He advocated reading Darwin and knowing facts from geology, biology, astronomy and physics as a basis for learning Bowen Theory. This course will offer readings, websites and video materials based in science. Participants will be able to choose from among a variety of materials to enhance their knowledge and thinking. Monthly discussions via Zoom will feature reading assignments as well as whatever background study participants elect to do.

Upon registration, participants will receive an outline of reading and resources that will be discussed in each of 3 monthly Modules, along with questions to guide discussion. They will also receive instructions for posting comments and questions on a discussion thread dedicated to the seminar series.

(Registration includes reading and resource material, a monthly two-hour seminar via Zoom and a dedicated discussion thread. Additional costs will include books or DVDs you purchase for yourself.) Seminar schedule via Zoom will be determined after registration.

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Module One: Science and Bowen Theory, Module Two: Bowen Theory and Darwin's Theory of Evolution, Module Three: Emotional Systems in Nature and the Family, Module Four: Multigenerational Emotional Process and Epigenetics, Module Five: Differentiation of Self and the Brain, All Five Modules


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