Writing Based in Bowen Theory

This popular two-day workshop is designed for individuals who want to focus on writing projects for publication. Both beginning writers and authors who have ongoing projects can make use of this program, which will include:

  • How does Bowen theory serve as a framework for understanding differentiation of self?
  • Basics of writing for publication
  • Resources for writing and publishing
  • Steps toward accomplishing projects
  • Different forms of writing
  • Time to think and to write
  • Individual consultation with a professional editor knowledgeable in Bowen theory

Dr. Katie Long, the editor of Family Systems Forum and presenter, was a professional journalist, writer, and editor before becoming a Methodist pastor. She is a long-time student of Bowen theory and serves on the board of Center for the Study of Natural Systems and the Family.

Dr. Robert Noone, editor of the Bowen Center journal, Family Systems and co-editor of the book, The Family Emotional System, will serve as guest faculty. He will discuss his experiences in writing and editing work based on Bowen theory for various publications.

Participants can focus on a variety of stages of writing and a range of writing projects. There will be ample time to write each day. Drafts may be submitted to Dr. Long for review in advance of the conference.

Dr. Long will be available to schedule follow-up consultation via Zoom and other means.


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June 28, 2018

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