The Difference Bowen Theory Makes

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The therapist’s theoretical assumptions about the nature and origin of emotional illness serve as a blueprint that guides his thinking and actions during psychotherapy.Murray Bowen .
When I began the study of Bowen Theory I’m not sure I could have told anyone what my theoretical assumptions were.Victoria Harrison .

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  1. Amanda Kuenstler

    What are your theoretical assumptions about the family?
    My theoretical assumptions about the family is that the nuclear family has created a unique set of patterns based on a variety of factors due to socio-economics, genetics, and a push/pull from biological connectedness and emotional connectedness that create that nucleus. Those factors are often unknown to the nucelar family and are passed down through generations.It is only those individuals who look deep into the microscope of their family nucleus who will become aware of the dysfunctional behaviors and might be able to correct the course of untoward behaviors for future generations.


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